Sunday, 9 October 2011

maybe i fell in love when you woke me up;

Heya, sozz i havent posted in agess been so busy i just havent had the time..
So, incase you didnt know i am obsessed with Ed Sheeran! i love him!! I was on his website and was looking through the official merchandise..
i found some really cute jewellery, its all homemade by his mum(so cutee)!!
this is the link, have a look and let me know what you thinkk!

Much love'xoxox

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

outfit of the day;

Heyaa, so today i had to go to the optitions to pick up some new glasses and contact lenses, whilst i was out i also did some christening present shopping!! i bought some adorable things, which i will talk about in another post as this suppose to be about my outfit of the day, hehe!

So todays weather was okay, it wasnt hot but it wsnt freezing cold... So i tried to find an outfit that would be pratical so if the weather got colder when i was out i was warm and if it got warmer than i could stay cool..

the outfit

#maxi skirt-dorothy perkins;£10
#vest top-primark;£1.50
#denim jacket-primark;£8
#dolly shoes-primark;£3

 so today i styled together a plain black maxi skirt, a plain grey vest top, clinched in at the waist with a black and gold belt. a plain off white scarf, a blue denim jack and jsut some cute white dolly shoes with a bit of cute detail on the top. as you can see pretty much my whole outfit is from primark, yeah im a cheapppooo, ehehee! this outfit i thought was quite good and did the job of keeping me warm as it did infact get a bit colder. i was also feeling abit under the weathe today so i did need something to keep me warm.

the shoes

as i said my shoes are from primark but i thought i'd show you what they actually look like as in the outfit pictures you can't actually really see them. i love the detail on these i think they look really cute, they also make your feet looked tanned as they are white.

the make-up

eww, i look absolutley awful in this picture, as i said i was feeling abit under the weather today!
my make-up was pretty simple, just abit of natural collections concealer, a light layer of mascara, today i used my collosal mascara brush with the natural collection waterguard mascara, a little bit of eye liner on my water line the eye liner i used was barry m's giant crayon and to top off the look i applied a little bit of natural collections candy mist lipstick.
if you want more information of any of these products you can check out my 'whats in mak-up bag' <linked.

i hope you liked my outfit. let me know your opinions and any suggestions on what to any of the items with in the future. also could you all do me a favour and help me get more followers please?

much love'xoxox

Monday, 29 August 2011

Jack Wills University Outfitters Nail Varnishes;Review

Heya, so in my last post 'whats in my make-up bag' <<linked here. i went on for quite a while about the last item which was a Jack Wills nail varnish from their University Outfitters collection in the shade hot pink. I actually have four shades of this collection so i thought i'd do a review of them:)

So i picked these up when i was shopping for a hoody in Jack Wills, i went to pay and saw them buy the counter at £6.00 each i was slightly cautious weather to try them or not, but after considering it i picked the four nicest shades(in my opinion) that were there and i thought i'd give it ago. to be honest i did mainly pick them up to review them on my blog incase any body was wondering about them.
Anyway i'll get down to it now..

 first up is this lovely navy blue colour. this shade is actually just called 'deep blue'. out of all of the nail varnishes this is the one i was most impressed with as with just one coat the colour came out perfect and there was no need for a second coat, which i was quite pleased about. also it died fairly quickly which is also helpful if you're going out in a rush and have forgotton to paint your nails. this does apply for all of the nail varnishes as they all dry reasonably quickly :)

 secondly is this deep purple. in the picture the bottle looks quite bright when actually in the bottle it looks rather dark more like a black with a hint of purple, which is why when i tried this out on my actual nail i was quite surprised when it came out the colour it is in the picture. this one was actually a bit more disapointing as you can see one coat just really isnt enough, which after trying the blue one i thought and was hoping it would be. so that was a bit of a downer. this shade is actually callled 'violet'. all of the shades have simple straight forward names. so yeah was disapointed with this colour as it came out much lighter then shown on the bottle and is very thin.

 next up is this gorgeous pastley green shade. i loved this colour as soon as i saw it and its actually what drew my attention to the whole collection of nail varnishes. i was very happy with this one though it was one of the best coming second place to the navy blue one. it was really good with one coat however it could probably use another coat just to make it have a perfect finish. this shade is called 'peppermint'. all in all was really happy with this one.

lastly is the hot pink colour that i have actually already talked about in my whats in my make-up bag post. if you've read that post you'll ready know how much i loveee this colour but also how disapointed i was with the actual contents of this product. when its been applied to the nail it looks very sheer and definatley need atleast 2-3 coats. which then also causes it to chip very easily as it is so thick. so even though it is actually my favourite colour out of them all, it was definatley the most dispointing. this shade is called 'hot pink'.

if you wish to purchase any of these you can check them out on the beauty section on the jack wills website <linked here.

i hope you enjoyed my review of them all and i hope it has helped you!:) if you've tried any of these yourself please let me know what you personally thought of them in the comment section below.

Much Love

Sunday, 28 August 2011

whats in my make-up bag;

Heyaa, so i've seen loads of people do this tag so i thought i'd join in hehe..
please excuse the bad quality of the photos for some reason my camera would not focus! grr..

1)my make-up bag

this make-up bag is the perfect size as it is big enough to fit everything in and small enough to fit in your bag aswell. i really like this make-up bag as i think its quite unique considering as i've never seen anybody with it.. i actually got this free in a cosmo magazine about 2-3years go it has lasted me all this time which i think it really good, especially as it was a freebee!hehe!

2)my concealer
this concealer is natural collections cover-up cream in light shade. individually this product costs £1.99 but i bought it in their 3for£5 deal along with some lipgloss and lipstick which you'll see in a minute. personally i think this concealer is really good as it cover ups really well, such a cheap price too. i also usually find it really hard to find a concealer to match my skin tone as im so pale but this shade is perfect for me.

3)my eyelash curler
 this eyelash curler is from a collection of loads of make-up brushes and other make-up tools that i got from christmas, i think the set was from

4)my eyeliner
 this eyeliner is barry-m's super soft eye crayon. sorry about the state of it in this picture, cringeee, but this was taken the morning before i went out to buy a sharpener for it, as its a 'giant' eyeliner i had to go out and buy a different sharpener for it because all my previous eyeliners have been small. i like this eyeliner as its good for every look, it draws very precise lines which i quite surprised about as its so thick. its also good for doing a smudge effect aswell. i'm not actually too sure exactly how much it was as i got given it as a present, but i did try to find it online but could only fine their waterproof one which was £4.95 so guessing its around the same.

5) one of my mascara's
now i say one of my mascara's because i actually have four, i dont use them all at the same time dont worry, you may remember my post from earlier this year about wanting a  new mascara, in the end i did go for this one but it ran out. so instead of buying a new one i decided i would keep this one because i like the brush and just buy natural collection mascara's from boots as they are alot cheaper and you still get the good finish just for alot cheaper, yeah im a cheapo, hehe! but yeah i really like the brush as really does build-up your lashes.

 6)my three trusty mascara's
 these are my three trusty mascara's that i use paired with my other one, i have three because they are all different, one's lash build-up, one's lash-lengh and the other is water proof.. seperatley they are £1.99 each but i bought these three for £5. they are really good especially for the price, i would definatley recommend them if you dont have alot of money but a good mascara!

7)my everyday lipstick
 this lipstick is again another item from the natural collection range at boots, i really like this range because its cheap but also good quality! i love lipstick! the colour doesnt really show up that well on camera but its a light pink shade. its really nice for an everyday wear as it doesnt stand out a mile its just nice and pretty and gives your lips a slightly lighter pinky colour. this shade is called candy mist, im not sure how much this was individually as i bought it for 3for£5 along with my concealer and the lip gloss below.

8)my lipgloss
 yes another item from natural collection hehehe! again the colour of this doesnt pick up very well on camera, but it is just a lovely very pretty light pink colour. this is also a very nice everyday wear which i tend to wear on top of the candy mist lipstick. the two work very well together and just give a light pink very pretty glossy finish. this shade is calledcarubbean crush. again not too sure on the price as it was apart of an offer..

9)my going out lipstick
 this lipstick is from a collection called beauty uk which is actually from a clothes shop called select. as you can see in the picture it is a very hot pink colour. i only tend to wear this if im going to a party or something as i personally think its a bit too out there to wear during the day. i love love love the colour though! its also a very nice listick as it mositurises your lips aswell! this shade is called passion. i think it was about £2.99 which is really cheap for such a good lipstick that lasts all night. when i wear it out i apply it before i leave the house and i dont have to worry about re-applying later on in the night as it stays on!

10)my mostly worn nail varnish
i know this probably shouldnt be in my make-up bag as its a nail varnish but i like to carry it around with me everywhere as its normally the colour i wear the most! this is from jack wills university outfitters range. the shade is just hot pink. when on it leaves a very bright very pink shade! which i love! its also slightly shimmery so when your hands move in the light it gives of a slight sparkle which looks very pretty! this was actually £6 which i personally think is rather expensive for a nail varnish especially considering its actually not very good quality! another reason to why its in my make-up bag and why i carry it around everywhere! it chips so easily! it doesnt last longer than 2days at the most! which for £6 i think is appaling! i love the colour though and the finish is really nice! i think the liquid is rather thin so you do have to apply 2-3 coats if you want a propper finish which is why i think it comes off so easily considering after 2-3 coats it is quite thick..

anyway i've kinda rambled on alot about each product! but let me know you're opinions on each one and also if you know any other good cheap concealers or lipstick or hot pink nail varnishes!

much love'xoxox

i'd sell my soul to the devil, if i had one to give;

Heyaa, i know i havent posted in ages like seriously ages as in 4 months!! i had a bit of a confuffle with my account.. so sorry about that.. anyway i am now back and will try to keep you all updated and entertained with recent posts! how have you all been? thankyou all for still following me lets see if we can get these numbers up shall we?!

i went to Reading last week with a few of my friends, we went there planning to just look and window shop. well as you can probably imagine a bunch of girls 'just window shopping', yeah it didnt really work out.. So i ended up spending £53  hehe whoopsiee..
This is what i bought;

i've had my eye on these all summer but haven't had the money the money to buy them, so as i finally had the money i thought i'd buy them before they go out of stock as in Oxford they've gone out of stock, sad face.. i think they're really nice and as i have loads of plain shorts i thought it would be nice to buy some that aren't just plain denim for a change..


it's also my niece's christening coming up soon, so i needed to find a nice summery dress for that asap as i left abit late, oopssey daissyy.. anyway i've been looking all over for the internet for a nice summery dress and haven't been able to find one that i like anywhere, sad faceee.. typical as for the past few months i've seen loads of nice dresses but just had no excuse, or money, to buy one.. but thankfully i finally found one! i found this dress in apricot for just £19 which i thought was quite a bargin as it was reduce from £32. in the picture it doesnt look as nice as what it actually is/:


I also need to find some heels to go with this dress as i am quite short so it drags on the ground slightly, any suggestions to what heels or where to look for some?

please subscribe to my blog and comment any suggestions you have or tips on how to make my blog better..

much love

Thursday, 21 April 2011

When i'm nervous i talk too much..

Hiyaa, i know i haven't posted in yonks but as i think i already my laptops got a virus and at the moment my internets crashed so im using ma phoneeey to post instead.. I will look back on this post and it will annoy me but heyho.. How are y'all? Hope you've all been enjoying the larrrrveeelyyyy sunshine(: this post was just to let you know i haven't forgotten about my blog, aha and that i should be back to normal blogging soon(:
Lotsa Love'xoxo

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our vivid dreams are just like big prodution movies They get entangled well within our daily routines;

So awhile ago i did a post about mascara's and which ones to try.. Eventually i went with, Mabelline's black colossal mascara, i got mine from superdrug at the price of £7.19 which is quite average for a mascara.. So when i tried it i found that the brush isn't really that great its quite hard and rough and really irritated my lashes it also smudges the mascara onto my top lid ;/ .. But,i'm using my old natural collection mascara(i also did a post about awhile ago, i think its included in the same one) brush.. This seems to be working quite good for me at the moment(: Any of you guys tried a new mascara recently or any other new make up'?
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Much Love'xo

Sunday, 3 April 2011

its all about you;

Hiyaaa...So as i said in my last post i went to see McFly on friday(: it honestly was amazing!! The whole show was just awesome!(:
For some reason only half of my pictures from my camera will upload ;/  but i will show you the ones that will(:

Ticket for the best show ever!

Wembley Arena!

Almost time!

The Babes!


so there's some of the pictures of the amazing night!!
Any of you guys go and see them aswell'?  What did the rest of you lovelys do'?

much love'xo

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Here's another song for the radio;

Hiyaa! Sorry I haven't posted in ages it's because my laptop currently has a virus.. Booo(N).. So, I went to see McFly at wembly last night! Truly was the most amazing,epic,wonderful concert everr!! I will borrow my sisters laptop and put up some pictures of the night and of what I wore some time this week((:
Sorry for the rubbish post ;/ Im on my iPod i promise I'll make up for it((:
Much love'xoxo

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I wanna break the mold, wanna break the stereotype;

Hiyaa, how are all my lovely followers today'?
I know in my post on sunday i said i'd do another one later about make i'd been looking at but after finishing all my homework i was soo tired and just crashed ;/
so i decided i'd do it now instead(: better late than never(;

So, i've been trying to find a good mascara recently- i did have a really good one, it was Barry M's 3 in 1 mascara. i loved this mascara as its easily applied to the lashes, lasts all day and works amazingly after just one coat, at £6.19 i think it is a reasonable price and so worth it!


When my mascara ran out i was gutted and everywhere i've been to get it, it has been sold out! ;(
So i though i would try and find a mascara that worked just aswell also at a reasonable price..

I tried out Rimmel London's the MAXX volume flash mascara, i found this quite difficult to apply as it was quite sticky. Before some change in my lashes started to show i had to apply 3+ coats! It also left my lashes all clumpy and horrible and it starts to wear off during the day :/ for £6.69 i honestly dont think its worth it, especially compared to Barry M's 3 in 1.
So all in all this mascara gets the thumbs down from me im afraid..

I've seen Maybelline's one by one volume express mascara advertised and have read a mixed variety of reviews on it.. Im a bit cautious about weather to try it or not. I'm also not too keen that its a plastic brush ;/ so at £6.49 im still a bit warry of weather to try this product..

Alot of my friends use Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara and it leaves their lashes looking so volumised and so much longer! Im thinking about trying out that one next.. 

I know i've kind of just rambled on abit in this post about mascara's and nothing else but i am desperate to find a good mascara! ;(
Have any of you guys tried out any of the above mascara's? If so what are your opinions'? Or have you used any other good mascara's you want to recommend me'?

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lotsa love'xoxo

Sunday, 20 March 2011

They wish they had what we have and it's jealousy thats in the way;

Hiyaa how are you lovely bunch this weekend'?

I'm sooo excited!! 11 days till i go to see Mcfly at wembley on their 'above the noise' tour!!(: major excited!
Justin Bieber's on tour in the UK at the moment have any of you guys been to see him'?

Oh, i've just reached 6 followers!! Woop Woop!! I know its not really that many but to me it is ahaa!
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anywayy, i best be going to get on with that pile of homework i keep going on about haha..
i've been looking at some make up and i will do another post later about it!(:

thankyou to all my new followers(: hope you enjoy my posts(:

lotsa love'xoxo

Saturday, 19 March 2011

believing is just the begining..

Hiyya, how are your weekends going?(:
 Sorry i haven't posted in a while,have had alot of drama going on over the last week, plus i still have alot of homework! I swear its a never ending pile!
Anyway, i'll try not to you bore you to death with the boring and depressing parts of my life ;P

So, it was non-school uniform day on friday, here's what i wore;

Top: Dorothy Perkins
Cardi: Primark
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Charm Bracelet:Thomas Sabo
Your opinion on the outfit?What would you have done differently?

I'm also still job hunting :/ any ideas on where to apply?
Oh,i am also looking for a new mascara preferable a brown one any recommendations on which ones to try?

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lotsa love 'xoxo 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

And you flashback to when he said forever and always..

Hiyaa sorry i haven't posted in a while been majoorr bussy as it was my wonderful mummy's birthday yesterday so i was planning stuff to do and getting her prezzie's and then just the normal homework ,social life and school things(:
So as it was her birthday yesterday we had family and friends round like a mini party y'know like what familys do on birthdays. We had my little cousins round and everyone..
Which made me start thinking about just how fast little kids are growing up, my little cousin is eight and she wants to dye her hair and go to town with her boyfriend.
I mean, when i was eight, I was still just playing with toys and things! I wasn't thinking about make-up and dying my hair and going to town with my boyfriend! Haa..
What have you beautiful followers been up to over the last couple of days'?(:

I still haven't had any job offers :( Im going to do another round handing in CV's on tuesday with my friends though as i haven't really put any in in that many places only a few salons. So I've still got my fingers crossed for that(:

Also, I'm going to see McFly in less thaan a month, eeeeeeeekkk! Sooo excited, cannot wait! I'm going to see them on the first of April!!((:
Any of you lovely ones going/been to concerts latley'?

I haven't really spoke about anything in this blog have I'? Just kinda rambled on about my lifee..
I will put some outfit posts up soon but i can't my camera at the moment :/ as soon as i do lots of pictures will be coming your waay((:

If you haven't already, follow please, it means alot.Thanksss(:

lotsa love'xoxo

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fashion put it all on me, I am anyone you want me to be;

How are you all my lovelys'?
I'll try not to make this post too depressing, haa.. But, im ill and have soo much homework to do (N)waaaah.
Soo, I mentioned yesterday that i was job hunting, any of you dolls been job hunting recently if so where did you hand in CV's '?
So, as I'm ill, I'm thinking this is weekend is gonna' be a quiet, relaxing one((: Knowing I'll probably end up watching all my Westlife concert dvd's again (': Oh yeaaah, thats another thing you should know about me,
I lurrrrrrrrrrrveeee Westlife, Mcfly, Tayloorrrr Swiffttt && Robert Pattinsoooon((:
What are your weekend plans this week''??

lotsa love'xoxo

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

All the little birdies on JayBird street love to hear the robin go tweet,tweet,tweet;

Hiyaa, I know I only just blogged like less than an hour ago or something :L but just wanted to tell y'all to tweet me and follow me on twitter((: I follow back((: so tweet me at the link bellow;
lotsa love'xoxo

We're playing with love tonight;

Sorry haven't posted recently, been 'job hunting' and have alot of homework :(
I reaalllyy need a job at the moment considering there's soooo much stuff that I want and I have no money :( waaaaah..

So, what have you lovely's been up to recently'?

Also I'm still ginger :/ although I'm staring to come to terms with it now((:
This was only a short post to update you quickly really.. I will do a longer post tomorrow as right now I'm just ramabling on about nothing(':

lotsa love'xoxo

Sunday, 6 March 2011

#001 wishlist..

Hiyaa again..
So, this is my first 'wishlist' i'm not actually too sure how to make an actual wishlist but, i figured i'd just do it this way((:

1) This beautiful Cream birdy tie front sheer blouse is amazing. I saw it whilst browsing the shops with my friend earlier today.. i wish i had some money right now as i could really do with some new clothes :/ ; new look £22.99

2)This is another gorgeous item 'Frill printed one shoulder chiffon dress' as i just said i have no money, well, thats a lie i have £1.98 in my bank at the moment which is way off what i need to be able to afford this beauty :/ so gutted..; db3 online £113

3) I thought this 'Build me up lego ring from the rock n' retro collection' looked really unique and cute, might have to purchase this cutie soon((: ; £3.99

4)I have wanted one of these rings for soo long ever since i saw it on Pixie Lott's hand in her 'turn it up' video. I thought this ring was also very cute. I just wish i had some money, hmm, gutted..'Rock n' Rose scrabble ring'; spoiled brat £10

5)I lurrrvveeee these'! Abit out of my price range though :L  Brown idol chain ankle boot; new look £49.99

So, thats my first 'wishlist' for you((: hope you liked it comment and follow ((:

lotsa love'xoxo

we could be more than just amazing..

So my last post said how i was looking for hair colour remover and couldn't find one. Well today I found one'! yayayayayayy'!
Hair colour remover from the Scott Cornwall colour B4 collection: Any chemist.
I was really excited when i found it and couldn't wait to do it.. So, my wonderful friend Imogene who i was with yesterday did it for me.. My natural hair colour is a mousy brown/ash blonde colour..

After an hour of waiting, this was my result..

my hair is now an extremely bright ginger colour, its such a drastic change as all my colours in the past have been dark browns and reds (apart from my natural hair colour). Its deffinatley going to take some getting used to..

Have any of you lovelys ever used this product before'? If so what was your result'?

lotsa love'xoxo

Saturday, 5 March 2011

i love my bestfriends mummy.

So, im new to this.. But i will get straight to it..

Vest Top:Primark
Skirt:Miss Selfridge

So, today i went to town with my beautifulll friendddy imogene((: and this is what i wore; i've had all these items for quite a while and just put them all together for our little outing..
So, we set out trying to find hair colour remover and a glamour magazine with the free clinque eye cream, we actually found neither of these. After imogene made me go into 20+ shops making them check their stock rooms for them nowhere had it and everywhere was sold out of hair colour remover :/ 
What did you all do today'?
Oh, also, one more thing you should know about me is that i am obsessed with wearing jewellery. I dont go out of the house without my two rings and charm bracelet on, haa..
I hope this blogs' been okay..

Much love'xoxo