Sunday, 6 March 2011

#001 wishlist..

Hiyaa again..
So, this is my first 'wishlist' i'm not actually too sure how to make an actual wishlist but, i figured i'd just do it this way((:

1) This beautiful Cream birdy tie front sheer blouse is amazing. I saw it whilst browsing the shops with my friend earlier today.. i wish i had some money right now as i could really do with some new clothes :/ ; new look £22.99

2)This is another gorgeous item 'Frill printed one shoulder chiffon dress' as i just said i have no money, well, thats a lie i have £1.98 in my bank at the moment which is way off what i need to be able to afford this beauty :/ so gutted..; db3 online £113

3) I thought this 'Build me up lego ring from the rock n' retro collection' looked really unique and cute, might have to purchase this cutie soon((: ; £3.99

4)I have wanted one of these rings for soo long ever since i saw it on Pixie Lott's hand in her 'turn it up' video. I thought this ring was also very cute. I just wish i had some money, hmm, gutted..'Rock n' Rose scrabble ring'; spoiled brat £10

5)I lurrrvveeee these'! Abit out of my price range though :L  Brown idol chain ankle boot; new look £49.99

So, thats my first 'wishlist' for you((: hope you liked it comment and follow ((:

lotsa love'xoxo

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