Saturday, 5 March 2011

i love my bestfriends mummy.

So, im new to this.. But i will get straight to it..

Vest Top:Primark
Skirt:Miss Selfridge

So, today i went to town with my beautifulll friendddy imogene((: and this is what i wore; i've had all these items for quite a while and just put them all together for our little outing..
So, we set out trying to find hair colour remover and a glamour magazine with the free clinque eye cream, we actually found neither of these. After imogene made me go into 20+ shops making them check their stock rooms for them nowhere had it and everywhere was sold out of hair colour remover :/ 
What did you all do today'?
Oh, also, one more thing you should know about me is that i am obsessed with wearing jewellery. I dont go out of the house without my two rings and charm bracelet on, haa..
I hope this blogs' been okay..

Much love'xoxo

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