Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our vivid dreams are just like big prodution movies They get entangled well within our daily routines;

So awhile ago i did a post about mascara's and which ones to try.. Eventually i went with, Mabelline's black colossal mascara, i got mine from superdrug at the price of £7.19 which is quite average for a mascara.. So when i tried it i found that the brush isn't really that great its quite hard and rough and really irritated my lashes it also smudges the mascara onto my top lid ;/ .. But,i'm using my old natural collection mascara(i also did a post about awhile ago, i think its included in the same one) brush.. This seems to be working quite good for me at the moment(: Any of you guys tried a new mascara recently or any other new make up'?
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