Tuesday, 30 August 2011

outfit of the day;

Heyaa, so today i had to go to the optitions to pick up some new glasses and contact lenses, whilst i was out i also did some christening present shopping!! i bought some adorable things, which i will talk about in another post as this suppose to be about my outfit of the day, hehe!

So todays weather was okay, it wasnt hot but it wsnt freezing cold... So i tried to find an outfit that would be pratical so if the weather got colder when i was out i was warm and if it got warmer than i could stay cool..

the outfit

#maxi skirt-dorothy perkins;£10
#vest top-primark;£1.50
#denim jacket-primark;£8
#dolly shoes-primark;£3

 so today i styled together a plain black maxi skirt, a plain grey vest top, clinched in at the waist with a black and gold belt. a plain off white scarf, a blue denim jack and jsut some cute white dolly shoes with a bit of cute detail on the top. as you can see pretty much my whole outfit is from primark, yeah im a cheapppooo, ehehee! this outfit i thought was quite good and did the job of keeping me warm as it did infact get a bit colder. i was also feeling abit under the weathe today so i did need something to keep me warm.

the shoes

as i said my shoes are from primark but i thought i'd show you what they actually look like as in the outfit pictures you can't actually really see them. i love the detail on these i think they look really cute, they also make your feet looked tanned as they are white.

the make-up

eww, i look absolutley awful in this picture, as i said i was feeling abit under the weather today!
my make-up was pretty simple, just abit of natural collections concealer, a light layer of mascara, today i used my collosal mascara brush with the natural collection waterguard mascara, a little bit of eye liner on my water line the eye liner i used was barry m's giant crayon and to top off the look i applied a little bit of natural collections candy mist lipstick.
if you want more information of any of these products you can check out my 'whats in mak-up bag' <linked.

i hope you liked my outfit. let me know your opinions and any suggestions on what to any of the items with in the future. also could you all do me a favour and help me get more followers please?

much love'xoxox

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