Sunday, 6 March 2011

we could be more than just amazing..

So my last post said how i was looking for hair colour remover and couldn't find one. Well today I found one'! yayayayayayy'!
Hair colour remover from the Scott Cornwall colour B4 collection: Any chemist.
I was really excited when i found it and couldn't wait to do it.. So, my wonderful friend Imogene who i was with yesterday did it for me.. My natural hair colour is a mousy brown/ash blonde colour..

After an hour of waiting, this was my result..

my hair is now an extremely bright ginger colour, its such a drastic change as all my colours in the past have been dark browns and reds (apart from my natural hair colour). Its deffinatley going to take some getting used to..

Have any of you lovelys ever used this product before'? If so what was your result'?

lotsa love'xoxo