Sunday, 28 August 2011

i'd sell my soul to the devil, if i had one to give;

Heyaa, i know i havent posted in ages like seriously ages as in 4 months!! i had a bit of a confuffle with my account.. so sorry about that.. anyway i am now back and will try to keep you all updated and entertained with recent posts! how have you all been? thankyou all for still following me lets see if we can get these numbers up shall we?!

i went to Reading last week with a few of my friends, we went there planning to just look and window shop. well as you can probably imagine a bunch of girls 'just window shopping', yeah it didnt really work out.. So i ended up spending £53  hehe whoopsiee..
This is what i bought;

i've had my eye on these all summer but haven't had the money the money to buy them, so as i finally had the money i thought i'd buy them before they go out of stock as in Oxford they've gone out of stock, sad face.. i think they're really nice and as i have loads of plain shorts i thought it would be nice to buy some that aren't just plain denim for a change..


it's also my niece's christening coming up soon, so i needed to find a nice summery dress for that asap as i left abit late, oopssey daissyy.. anyway i've been looking all over for the internet for a nice summery dress and haven't been able to find one that i like anywhere, sad faceee.. typical as for the past few months i've seen loads of nice dresses but just had no excuse, or money, to buy one.. but thankfully i finally found one! i found this dress in apricot for just £19 which i thought was quite a bargin as it was reduce from £32. in the picture it doesnt look as nice as what it actually is/:


I also need to find some heels to go with this dress as i am quite short so it drags on the ground slightly, any suggestions to what heels or where to look for some?

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much love

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