Sunday, 28 August 2011

whats in my make-up bag;

Heyaa, so i've seen loads of people do this tag so i thought i'd join in hehe..
please excuse the bad quality of the photos for some reason my camera would not focus! grr..

1)my make-up bag

this make-up bag is the perfect size as it is big enough to fit everything in and small enough to fit in your bag aswell. i really like this make-up bag as i think its quite unique considering as i've never seen anybody with it.. i actually got this free in a cosmo magazine about 2-3years go it has lasted me all this time which i think it really good, especially as it was a freebee!hehe!

2)my concealer
this concealer is natural collections cover-up cream in light shade. individually this product costs £1.99 but i bought it in their 3for£5 deal along with some lipgloss and lipstick which you'll see in a minute. personally i think this concealer is really good as it cover ups really well, such a cheap price too. i also usually find it really hard to find a concealer to match my skin tone as im so pale but this shade is perfect for me.

3)my eyelash curler
 this eyelash curler is from a collection of loads of make-up brushes and other make-up tools that i got from christmas, i think the set was from

4)my eyeliner
 this eyeliner is barry-m's super soft eye crayon. sorry about the state of it in this picture, cringeee, but this was taken the morning before i went out to buy a sharpener for it, as its a 'giant' eyeliner i had to go out and buy a different sharpener for it because all my previous eyeliners have been small. i like this eyeliner as its good for every look, it draws very precise lines which i quite surprised about as its so thick. its also good for doing a smudge effect aswell. i'm not actually too sure exactly how much it was as i got given it as a present, but i did try to find it online but could only fine their waterproof one which was £4.95 so guessing its around the same.

5) one of my mascara's
now i say one of my mascara's because i actually have four, i dont use them all at the same time dont worry, you may remember my post from earlier this year about wanting a  new mascara, in the end i did go for this one but it ran out. so instead of buying a new one i decided i would keep this one because i like the brush and just buy natural collection mascara's from boots as they are alot cheaper and you still get the good finish just for alot cheaper, yeah im a cheapo, hehe! but yeah i really like the brush as really does build-up your lashes.

 6)my three trusty mascara's
 these are my three trusty mascara's that i use paired with my other one, i have three because they are all different, one's lash build-up, one's lash-lengh and the other is water proof.. seperatley they are £1.99 each but i bought these three for £5. they are really good especially for the price, i would definatley recommend them if you dont have alot of money but a good mascara!

7)my everyday lipstick
 this lipstick is again another item from the natural collection range at boots, i really like this range because its cheap but also good quality! i love lipstick! the colour doesnt really show up that well on camera but its a light pink shade. its really nice for an everyday wear as it doesnt stand out a mile its just nice and pretty and gives your lips a slightly lighter pinky colour. this shade is called candy mist, im not sure how much this was individually as i bought it for 3for£5 along with my concealer and the lip gloss below.

8)my lipgloss
 yes another item from natural collection hehehe! again the colour of this doesnt pick up very well on camera, but it is just a lovely very pretty light pink colour. this is also a very nice everyday wear which i tend to wear on top of the candy mist lipstick. the two work very well together and just give a light pink very pretty glossy finish. this shade is calledcarubbean crush. again not too sure on the price as it was apart of an offer..

9)my going out lipstick
 this lipstick is from a collection called beauty uk which is actually from a clothes shop called select. as you can see in the picture it is a very hot pink colour. i only tend to wear this if im going to a party or something as i personally think its a bit too out there to wear during the day. i love love love the colour though! its also a very nice listick as it mositurises your lips aswell! this shade is called passion. i think it was about £2.99 which is really cheap for such a good lipstick that lasts all night. when i wear it out i apply it before i leave the house and i dont have to worry about re-applying later on in the night as it stays on!

10)my mostly worn nail varnish
i know this probably shouldnt be in my make-up bag as its a nail varnish but i like to carry it around with me everywhere as its normally the colour i wear the most! this is from jack wills university outfitters range. the shade is just hot pink. when on it leaves a very bright very pink shade! which i love! its also slightly shimmery so when your hands move in the light it gives of a slight sparkle which looks very pretty! this was actually £6 which i personally think is rather expensive for a nail varnish especially considering its actually not very good quality! another reason to why its in my make-up bag and why i carry it around everywhere! it chips so easily! it doesnt last longer than 2days at the most! which for £6 i think is appaling! i love the colour though and the finish is really nice! i think the liquid is rather thin so you do have to apply 2-3 coats if you want a propper finish which is why i think it comes off so easily considering after 2-3 coats it is quite thick..

anyway i've kinda rambled on alot about each product! but let me know you're opinions on each one and also if you know any other good cheap concealers or lipstick or hot pink nail varnishes!

much love'xoxox

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