Sunday, 13 March 2011

And you flashback to when he said forever and always..

Hiyaa sorry i haven't posted in a while been majoorr bussy as it was my wonderful mummy's birthday yesterday so i was planning stuff to do and getting her prezzie's and then just the normal homework ,social life and school things(:
So as it was her birthday yesterday we had family and friends round like a mini party y'know like what familys do on birthdays. We had my little cousins round and everyone..
Which made me start thinking about just how fast little kids are growing up, my little cousin is eight and she wants to dye her hair and go to town with her boyfriend.
I mean, when i was eight, I was still just playing with toys and things! I wasn't thinking about make-up and dying my hair and going to town with my boyfriend! Haa..
What have you beautiful followers been up to over the last couple of days'?(:

I still haven't had any job offers :( Im going to do another round handing in CV's on tuesday with my friends though as i haven't really put any in in that many places only a few salons. So I've still got my fingers crossed for that(:

Also, I'm going to see McFly in less thaan a month, eeeeeeeekkk! Sooo excited, cannot wait! I'm going to see them on the first of April!!((:
Any of you lovely ones going/been to concerts latley'?

I haven't really spoke about anything in this blog have I'? Just kinda rambled on about my lifee..
I will put some outfit posts up soon but i can't my camera at the moment :/ as soon as i do lots of pictures will be coming your waay((:

If you haven't already, follow please, it means alot.Thanksss(:

lotsa love'xoxo

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