Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I wanna break the mold, wanna break the stereotype;

Hiyaa, how are all my lovely followers today'?
I know in my post on sunday i said i'd do another one later about make i'd been looking at but after finishing all my homework i was soo tired and just crashed ;/
so i decided i'd do it now instead(: better late than never(;

So, i've been trying to find a good mascara recently- i did have a really good one, it was Barry M's 3 in 1 mascara. i loved this mascara as its easily applied to the lashes, lasts all day and works amazingly after just one coat, at £6.19 i think it is a reasonable price and so worth it!


When my mascara ran out i was gutted and everywhere i've been to get it, it has been sold out! ;(
So i though i would try and find a mascara that worked just aswell also at a reasonable price..

I tried out Rimmel London's the MAXX volume flash mascara, i found this quite difficult to apply as it was quite sticky. Before some change in my lashes started to show i had to apply 3+ coats! It also left my lashes all clumpy and horrible and it starts to wear off during the day :/ for £6.69 i honestly dont think its worth it, especially compared to Barry M's 3 in 1.
So all in all this mascara gets the thumbs down from me im afraid..

I've seen Maybelline's one by one volume express mascara advertised and have read a mixed variety of reviews on it.. Im a bit cautious about weather to try it or not. I'm also not too keen that its a plastic brush ;/ so at £6.49 im still a bit warry of weather to try this product..

Alot of my friends use Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara and it leaves their lashes looking so volumised and so much longer! Im thinking about trying out that one next.. 

I know i've kind of just rambled on abit in this post about mascara's and nothing else but i am desperate to find a good mascara! ;(
Have any of you guys tried out any of the above mascara's? If so what are your opinions'? Or have you used any other good mascara's you want to recommend me'?

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