Thursday, 21 April 2011

When i'm nervous i talk too much..

Hiyaa, i know i haven't posted in yonks but as i think i already my laptops got a virus and at the moment my internets crashed so im using ma phoneeey to post instead.. I will look back on this post and it will annoy me but heyho.. How are y'all? Hope you've all been enjoying the larrrrveeelyyyy sunshine(: this post was just to let you know i haven't forgotten about my blog, aha and that i should be back to normal blogging soon(:
Lotsa Love'xoxo

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our vivid dreams are just like big prodution movies They get entangled well within our daily routines;

So awhile ago i did a post about mascara's and which ones to try.. Eventually i went with, Mabelline's black colossal mascara, i got mine from superdrug at the price of £7.19 which is quite average for a mascara.. So when i tried it i found that the brush isn't really that great its quite hard and rough and really irritated my lashes it also smudges the mascara onto my top lid ;/ .. But,i'm using my old natural collection mascara(i also did a post about awhile ago, i think its included in the same one) brush.. This seems to be working quite good for me at the moment(: Any of you guys tried a new mascara recently or any other new make up'?
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Much Love'xo

Sunday, 3 April 2011

its all about you;

Hiyaaa...So as i said in my last post i went to see McFly on friday(: it honestly was amazing!! The whole show was just awesome!(:
For some reason only half of my pictures from my camera will upload ;/  but i will show you the ones that will(:

Ticket for the best show ever!

Wembley Arena!

Almost time!

The Babes!


so there's some of the pictures of the amazing night!!
Any of you guys go and see them aswell'?  What did the rest of you lovelys do'?

much love'xo

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Here's another song for the radio;

Hiyaa! Sorry I haven't posted in ages it's because my laptop currently has a virus.. Booo(N).. So, I went to see McFly at wembly last night! Truly was the most amazing,epic,wonderful concert everr!! I will borrow my sisters laptop and put up some pictures of the night and of what I wore some time this week((:
Sorry for the rubbish post ;/ Im on my iPod i promise I'll make up for it((:
Much love'xoxo