Monday, 29 August 2011

Jack Wills University Outfitters Nail Varnishes;Review

Heya, so in my last post 'whats in my make-up bag' <<linked here. i went on for quite a while about the last item which was a Jack Wills nail varnish from their University Outfitters collection in the shade hot pink. I actually have four shades of this collection so i thought i'd do a review of them:)

So i picked these up when i was shopping for a hoody in Jack Wills, i went to pay and saw them buy the counter at £6.00 each i was slightly cautious weather to try them or not, but after considering it i picked the four nicest shades(in my opinion) that were there and i thought i'd give it ago. to be honest i did mainly pick them up to review them on my blog incase any body was wondering about them.
Anyway i'll get down to it now..

 first up is this lovely navy blue colour. this shade is actually just called 'deep blue'. out of all of the nail varnishes this is the one i was most impressed with as with just one coat the colour came out perfect and there was no need for a second coat, which i was quite pleased about. also it died fairly quickly which is also helpful if you're going out in a rush and have forgotton to paint your nails. this does apply for all of the nail varnishes as they all dry reasonably quickly :)

 secondly is this deep purple. in the picture the bottle looks quite bright when actually in the bottle it looks rather dark more like a black with a hint of purple, which is why when i tried this out on my actual nail i was quite surprised when it came out the colour it is in the picture. this one was actually a bit more disapointing as you can see one coat just really isnt enough, which after trying the blue one i thought and was hoping it would be. so that was a bit of a downer. this shade is actually callled 'violet'. all of the shades have simple straight forward names. so yeah was disapointed with this colour as it came out much lighter then shown on the bottle and is very thin.

 next up is this gorgeous pastley green shade. i loved this colour as soon as i saw it and its actually what drew my attention to the whole collection of nail varnishes. i was very happy with this one though it was one of the best coming second place to the navy blue one. it was really good with one coat however it could probably use another coat just to make it have a perfect finish. this shade is called 'peppermint'. all in all was really happy with this one.

lastly is the hot pink colour that i have actually already talked about in my whats in my make-up bag post. if you've read that post you'll ready know how much i loveee this colour but also how disapointed i was with the actual contents of this product. when its been applied to the nail it looks very sheer and definatley need atleast 2-3 coats. which then also causes it to chip very easily as it is so thick. so even though it is actually my favourite colour out of them all, it was definatley the most dispointing. this shade is called 'hot pink'.

if you wish to purchase any of these you can check them out on the beauty section on the jack wills website <linked here.

i hope you enjoyed my review of them all and i hope it has helped you!:) if you've tried any of these yourself please let me know what you personally thought of them in the comment section below.

Much Love

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  1. I've never heard about this brand but those colours look amazing.