Sunday, 20 March 2011

They wish they had what we have and it's jealousy thats in the way;

Hiyaa how are you lovely bunch this weekend'?

I'm sooo excited!! 11 days till i go to see Mcfly at wembley on their 'above the noise' tour!!(: major excited!
Justin Bieber's on tour in the UK at the moment have any of you guys been to see him'?

Oh, i've just reached 6 followers!! Woop Woop!! I know its not really that many but to me it is ahaa!
Keep following(: or follow if you haven't already!(i know i keep saying this but heyho) ((;

anywayy, i best be going to get on with that pile of homework i keep going on about haha..
i've been looking at some make up and i will do another post later about it!(:

thankyou to all my new followers(: hope you enjoy my posts(:

lotsa love'xoxo

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